In 2018 I plan to set about making timelapse videos of each of my paintings, so watch this space!

I have recently installed a rigging bar in my studio so I can suspend a multiple cameras at different angles, without having to use tripods which which run the risk of being knocked over, as well as taking up valuable floor space.

New videos will be updated in the coming months, so it's worth subscribing to receive the latest updates.

The GoPro, iphone and DSLR can now capture the painting's progression from a variety of overhead angles.

'One Minute to Sunshine'

One Minute to Sunshine is a scene taken from Stair Hole, just around the corner from Lulworth Cove in Dorset. It was early in the morning, shortly after the sun had come up. The inspiration to paint this picture came from wanting to share the feeling of being in the shade and knowing that any minute the sun would appear and bathe you in a blanket of warm morning sunshine.



'Xanadu' was a large canvas work (commission) where the goal was to try to convey some of the majesty and movement of the wave, while enabling the figure to appear suspended in this otherworldly space.


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