The 'Studio Board' design

Existing outdoor easels:

There are some different options out there when it comes to transporting your art materials to location.

    For me though, none of them hit the mark.

    There are a number of factor that have made me want to design my own system. They are:

    • I want to be able to sit down.
    • I want to have access to my iPad
    • I want my kit to be displayed in an organised fashion.
    • I want to be able to protect my work from rain or damage.


    Final Designs

    My Design - No.1

    Here's the flagship design.

    1st  studio board incorporates:

    • Fixed canvas (fixed from back)
    • Brush stand
    • Generous palette space
    • iPad holder
    • iPhone holder
    • Accessories hatch
    My Design - No. 2

    The rotatable canvas assembly...

    2nd studio board incorporates:

    • Rotatable canvas
    • Brush stand
    • Palette space / iPad holder
    • Brush / tool tray


    My studio board functions well and is a pleasure to use.

    However, the size, weight and portability are the issues that I will address in my next design. 

    With strong gusts of wind, the board is more susceptible to movement than traditional easels due to its surface area.

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