Woodland Breeze

Woodland Breeze.jpeg
Woodland Breeze.jpeg

Woodland Breeze


Woodland Breeze is a small painting that captures the fresh green leaves of early summer. The viewer is led into the painting by a path and up into the animated canopies of the trees.

- Oil on canvas / 6cm x 26cm / Framed


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Woodland Breeze is taken from a hike I took near Winchester Hill in Hampshire. It was early summer and the days we now warm enough to walk in just a t-shirt.

I'd parked up and set off on a walk to clear my head and get some fresh air. I hadn't thought about looking for new suject matter, but as I walked my attention was drawn to how the breeze made the leaves flow back and forth and combined with the sound of the leaves moving in unison, I thought 'that's something I'd like to paint'.

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