The Waterfall


The Waterfall


The Waterfall is a sombre and reflective painting with moody water and a gentle warmth coming through the rich earth colours.

- Oil on canvas / 46cm x 61cm / Framed


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The Waterfall is taken from another pitstop that I made on my trip around Scotland in March of 2018. I had spotted this waterfall from the car while driving and decided to pull over and take a look. There was no-one else around for miles, so I had it all to myself for half an hour or so. A very nice little spot indeed.


What Was It Like To Paint?

This was an interesting painting for me because I tried a number of new techniques in it.

Every time I create a new set of marks that I haven't made before in a painting, I remember how I made them and look forward to replicating then in another work.

The foreground in this painting has a series of marks that I made by mixing putty into the oil, applying it to the canvas with a palette knife and then quickly pulling the knife off the canvas to create a series of jaggedy marks.

How Does It Feel?

This is a very earthy painting due to its palette of browns and greys and there's plenty of interesting little marks throughout the work.

It feels warm and remote and yet energised by the flow of water from the falls. I'm not sure of whether it's my memory of the location itself or the experience of creating the painting itself, but I have a bit of a soft spot for this one.

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