The Unveiling of Snowdon

The Unveiling of Snowdon.jpg
The Unveiling of Snowdon.jpg

The Unveiling of Snowdon


The Unveiling of Snowdon panoramic is a painting that is light and airy view of Snowdonia in early autumn.

- Oil on canvas / 45cm x 95cm / Unframed (box canvas)


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The Unveiling of Snowdon was painted in my bus when I made my trip to Snowdonia in North Wales. The previous day I had set off from the campsite with all my gear, intent on finding a grand view to suit a large panoramic canvas. It was one of those days where it felt like any minute there would be a downpour, but it never happened. Thick rolling clouds drifted overhead throughout the day, creating giant slithering shadows across the landscape in the distance.

I hadn't seen Mount Snowdon yet that day and as I made my way up a hillside forest and out the other side, I was greeted by this view.


How Does It Feel?

As with all panoramic paintings, their breadth gives rise to a tremendous sense of space.



What Was It Like To Paint?

I really enjoyed painting this picture, I think partly for because of the story of how it appeared and partly for the composition itself.

The foreground was a little tricky as the sun was illuminating the fresh green grass and 

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