The Green Glade

The Green Glade.jpg
The Green Glade.jpg

The Green Glade


The Green Glade is a restful painting with high contrasting colours of highlights and shadows.

- Oil on canvas / 31cm x 41cm / Framed


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The Green Glade originated from a walk I took on a hot and sunny day in Devon. The scene was blessed with a warm breeze that carried with it the scent of the surrounding woodland. Combined with the sound of running water, it was a deeply relaxing space to spend time in.


What was it like to paint?

Paintings which are predominantly comprised of only two colours are a challenge, especially when it comes to ones that are made up of yellows and greens (yellow has a tendency to punch its way to the front of the painting)

That said, I found this painting very calming to paint. There's quite a lot of detail in it, leading the viewer around the painting by way of sweeping fractal lines.


How does it feel?

The painting feels calming and inspiring and serves as a reminder of how lush the UK countryside becomes in the throws of summer.

Having been taken from the shade of the river bank looking through to where the sun breaks through to the river, it feels both warm and cool.



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