The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains_.jpg
The Blue Mountains_.jpg

The Blue Mountains


The Blue Mountains is another painting from my trip to Scotland. It has lots of depth and a sweeping sense of light and space. 

- Oil on canvas / 60cm x 91cm / Framed


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The Blue Mountains is taken from a pitstop I made on the road to Oban in Scotland. As is so often the case when I'm on the road in new territory, I come across a location where I just have to stop.

Taken with a fisheye lens to pull in more of the location, the composition moves the viewer's eye around the painting with a sweeping gesture.

The depth in the painting is helped by the use of thick impasto painting in the foreground and soft pastel blues in the background.


What was it like to paint?

The background of this painting flowed fairy intuitively, whereas the foreground was a bit of a beast.

It was good to work with blue again, a colour for which I have much affection due to its calming personality and its broad range of hues and tones.

The foreground is again heavily textured to create the illusion of depth in the painting, as well as interest when you get close up to the canvas.

How does it feel?

This painting feels very airy, spacious and calming.

It is a BIG blue painting. But it's the view down the glen to the mountains in the background and it's relationship to the river that runs through it, that makes it what it is.

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