The Bay 1


The Bay 1


The Bay 1 is a cool and airy painting based on the North Coast of Scotland. 

- Oil on canvas / 60cm x 91cm / Framed


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The Bay 1 is based on the North Coast of Scotland. The quality of the light there is amazing, as is the air.

I was drawn to this painting for its gentle and cool palette and the opportunity to create a new technique for some heavy texture in the foreground rocks. This was another painting based on a photograph I took, using a fisheye lens to pull both sides of the bay into the composition.


What Was It Like To Paint?

Although subtle, this picture was based on a photo taken with a fisheye lens, giving it slight distortion the exaggerates the perspective.

The foreground rocks are painted with thick impasto paint applied with a palette knife and they really pop out, making the viewer feel like they can step into the painting.

How Does It Feel?

This painting really has a sense of space to it and it feels light, clear and crisp.

This is done on one of my Large canvases, making it quite an impactful painting.

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