Sunset Through the Pines

Sunset through the Pines.jpg
Sunset through the Pines.jpg

Sunset Through the Pines


Sunset Through the Pines is a study based on sunlit woodland in The New Forest.

- Oil on canvas / 46cm x 36cm / Framed


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What was it like to paint?

I enjoyed creating this piece as it was a return to developing a new style for pine canopies really felt like I was working in sections on this one; The sky, the canopy and the wind flattened bracken beneath the trees.

But overall, I enjoyed working with the palette of colours in this one.

How Does It Feel?

This painting feels like a fresh morning after a night of rain and if you've ever been to the New Forest, I think it captures part of its character.

The exaggerated, sweeping fractal style of the canopy help to give it an ethereal quality when you get up close to it.


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