Spring Tides

Spring Tides.jpeg
Spring Tides.jpeg

Spring Tides


Spring Tides is a painting I undertook while living in Devon. The painting captures the evening light as it sets at Aymer Cove.

- Oil on canvas / 35.5cm x 65.5cm / Framed


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Spring Tides originates from a day out in Cornwall at Aymer Cove. It was an hour before sunset and I had made my way down from the coastal path to the beach. The air was warm and the waves retreating to reveal a rocky jetty leading back out to sea. The famous landmark of rocks at the edge of the cove were partially lit by the evening sun, while at the same time casting dark shadows on their opposing sides. But it was the waves that inspired the work.

Giclee prints are available for this painting. Please click HERE to visit my print gallery.

What Was It Like To Paint?

This was a thoroughly enjoyable picture to paint and completed with surprisingly little resistance. Guess I was in the zone.

How Does It Feel?

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