One Minute to Sunshine

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One Minute to Sunshine.jpg

One Minute to Sunshine


One Minute to Sunshine is a broody painting of Stair Hole in Dorset with the dominant theme of first light and the crashing of a wave.

- Oil on linen / 46cm x 61cm / Framed


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One Minute to Sunshine is a scene taken from Stair Hole, just around the corner from Lulworth Cove in Dorset. It was early in the morning, shortly after the sun had come up. The inspiration for this picture came from wanting to share the feeling of being sat in the shade knowing that any minute the sun would appear and bathe you in a warm blanket of warm morning sunshine.


Giclee prints are available soon for this painting. Please click HERE to visit my print gallery.

What was it like to paint?

This was a surprisingly satisfying picture to paint, I think because it afforded me the opportunity to work with a different range of colours.

I incorporated a number of new techniques into this work, mostly relating to composition and structure, so I learnt a few new worthwhile tricks during the process.

It also reminded me of how much I enjoy painting water and that in forthcoming paintings I should look for new ways to express its numerous personality traits.

How does it feel?

The painting feels moody and dynamic, but hopefully overall, positive.

When I look at this painting it reminds me that no matter how dark and large the objects are in front of us, there's always light on the other side. It just requires time, patience and perseverance. 




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