Loch Morlich


Loch Morlich


Loch Morlich is a painting of reflection and depth with lots of detail and a wide variety of earth colours and blues.

- Oil on canvas / 61cm x 91cm / Framed


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I spend the most amazing day at Loch Morlich, some of it on foot and some of it on my mountain bike. The weather was extraordinary for Scotland at that time of year, hot and still and with the sand line edges of the loch, it felt like a rather peculiar location to find. This is a location I would recomend to anyone visiting Scotland.


Loch Morlich_1.png

What Was It Like To Paint?

Loch Morlich was a challenge, to be sure. This was the second Large painting that I did from my trip to Scotland and by far the most labour intensive.

The part that I am most pleased with is the colour of the cloud in the background and while it may not be evident from a photo, in person I feel I got the temperature just right.

As for the rest of the painting, well, that's where the hard work began.

How Does It Feel?

This painting feels like a playground for the eyes. When you see it in person and you get up close to it, there are a number of different environments, all with their own character.

Again, Loch Morlich is a wonderful place, full of colour and exciting trails to explore. This is a painting with depth, rich earth tones and gentle shadows.

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