Last of the Light

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Last of the Light.JPG

Last of the Light


Last of the Light captures the last glow of the evening sun as it sets off the coast of Scotland.

- Oil on canvas / 46cm x  61cm / Framed


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Last of the Light is one of my favourite works from December 2018 and is based on a beach near Fionnphort, in Scotland. Having painted quite a few green scenes recently, I was keen to start working with some warmer colours and what better subject than a sunset?

I wanted to create a bold painting that would warm up a room and that would lift your mood every time you looked at it. With the foreground, I wanted to return to my fractal technique, so as to provide further interest in the foreground.


Giclee prints are available of this painting. Please click HERE to visit my print gallery.

What was it like to paint?

From the start, I was excited to get started with this painting. This was an opportunity for me to work with a different collection of colours and to reacquaint myself with their characters and personalities.

Blending the sky was a really crucial element, as I wanted to get that subtle band of turquoise between the orange and the blue, as was conveying the overall sense of warmth in the painting.

How does it feel?

I've had this painting on the wall of the studio for several months and it's been great company. It's warm and solid and lifts my mood every time I look at it.

I think what I like about it is how it conveys that moment when the sun looks like it's biting into the horizon and the fact that in about ten minutes, the sun would have set and the sky would burst into the spectrum of reds, purples and dark blues.

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