Brushgrass Mountains

Brushgrass mountains.jpg
Brushgrass mountains.jpg

Brushgrass Mountains


Brushgrass Mountains is based on the area of Loch Awe in Scotland and captures the first of the morning light breaking over the mountains.

- Oil on canvas / 46cm x 61cm / Framed


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Brushgrass Mountains is one of my works from August 2018 and was inspired by my trip to Scotland.

It was about 6am when I arrived at this spot and the sun was just beginning to come over the mountains, throwing its light across the glen and illumination the snow-covered mountain on the other side. It was cold but fresh, with scattered patches of snow dotted around the loch. 


What was it like to paint?

This painting was a pleasure to work on. I enjoyed creating the lighting on the mountains in the background and I think as soon as I had set that, the rest of the painting began to fall into place.

I enjoyed the interplay between warm colours and cool as well as the opprtunity to work with peaty tones.

How does it feel?

The painting feels spacious and crisp without feeling cold. It still has quite a dynamic quality to it, but it's still calm.

I think you get that sense of daybreak and the feeling that you know that a beautiful, clear day is ahead of you.

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