NEWS: Studio timelapse setup.

I frequently receive requests to create more films of my paintings and their development. So last week, I set about creating a space in the studio that was more geared towards producing time-lapse films.

I've painted the walls black to highlight the paintings and to keep the focus on the work, as well as tying it into the general design of my website. I've also installed a rigging beam above the easel to enable me to have a number of suspended lights and cameras to film and light the work at different angles.

I plan to kick this all off after my upcoming exhibition, so if you'd like to be notified when these new videos are available (as well as general updates and news of new exhibitions etc), please consider subscribing to my website. Your support and feedback are greatly appreciated!

The Go Pro positioned over my shoulder, ready for action.

NB: For those of you who are curious about what kit I use to create my time-lapses, I use two iphones (using an app called Lapseit Pro - which gives you more control than the standard iphone time-lapse mode) and a GoPro (Session4).

These are suspended by two Manfrotto Single Arm 2 Section with Camera Bracket (product reference no: SKU 196B-2) for the phones/GoPro and a Manfrotto 3-Section Double Articulated Arm with Camera Attachment (product reference no: SKU 396B) for occasionally hanging a heavier bit of kit such as a DSLR camera or light.

NEWS: My New Studio.

So, having got back to Dorset after my Lakes/Scotland trip, I was desperate to have a space to start work immediately. Dorchester came up with no results for artist studios, but when I searched for 'workshop spaces' I found a storage company that offered these little spaces.

I quickly phoned the up the company (The Self Storage Company) and it turned out that one of the tenants had just moved out and there was now one space available. I snapped it up and moved in the next day!

Great to have a creative space again!

I will be working hard over the next six months continuing to develop and refine my style and working towards the inevitable large, solo exhibition of my work. The 'look' of my paintings is definitely maturing and each new batch of paintings reflect more confidence and understanding about my materials, subjects and direction.