NEWS: Another happy customer.

Over the last few months, I have had a number of my most popular works scanned to be available as high-res Giclée prints and I pleased to say that I have recently received my first two orders.

I use one of the best printers in the UK, so the colours and quality of the reproductions are as close to the original as possible. The paper quality is also outstanding (Hahnemühle), as is its lightfastness rating - estimated to last well over 100 years.

It's a great feeling to know that your customer has received the print safely and is happy with the service and quality.

To order your print, please head over to:

NEWS: Studio timelapse setup.

I frequently receive requests to create more films of my paintings and their development. So last week, I set about creating a space in the studio that was more geared towards producing time-lapse films.

I've painted the walls black to highlight the paintings and to keep the focus on the work, as well as tying it into the general design of my website. I've also installed a rigging beam above the easel to enable me to have a number of suspended lights and cameras to film and light the work at different angles.

I plan to kick this all off after my upcoming exhibition, so if you'd like to be notified when these new videos are available (as well as general updates and news of new exhibitions etc), please consider subscribing to my website. Your support and feedback are greatly appreciated!

The Go Pro positioned over my shoulder, ready for action.

NB: For those of you who are curious about what kit I use to create my time-lapses, I use two iphones (using an app called Lapseit Pro - which gives you more control than the standard iphone time-lapse mode) and a GoPro (Session4).

These are suspended by two Manfrotto Single Arm 2 Section with Camera Bracket (product reference no: SKU 196B-2) for the phones/GoPro and a Manfrotto 3-Section Double Articulated Arm with Camera Attachment (product reference no: SKU 396B) for occasionally hanging a heavier bit of kit such as a DSLR camera or light.


I'm very sorry to report that I had an accident last wednesday. I lost the back end of my bike and have ripped a load of tendons and ligaments in my shoulder (appointment at Fracture Clinic on Tuesday 4th, April), making the continuation of painting for the next 3-6 weeks impossible. 

Nevertheless, work will continue! I'm going use the time to update and redesign my website and to integrate a new gallery and shop system into it. While I'm desperate to paint, this seems like an apt and synchronistic time for me to update my website to improve its functionality and improve its content.

There are going to be some big changes this year, so stay tuned...

NEWS: My New Studio.

So, having got back to Dorset after my Lakes/Scotland trip, I was desperate to have a space to start work immediately. Dorchester came up with no results for artist studios, but when I searched for 'workshop spaces' I found a storage company that offered these little spaces.

I quickly phoned the up the company (The Self Storage Company) and it turned out that one of the tenants had just moved out and there was now one space available. I snapped it up and moved in the next day!

Great to have a creative space again!

I will be working hard over the next six months continuing to develop and refine my style and working towards the inevitable large, solo exhibition of my work. The 'look' of my paintings is definitely maturing and each new batch of paintings reflect more confidence and understanding about my materials, subjects and direction.


TRIP: The Lakes & Scotland Trip.

The Lakes Project was intended to be two weeks of en plein air painting in the beautiful county of Cumbria. Unfortunately, it was brought to a standstill by the arrival of Storm Doris, bringing with it a storm warning and predictions of 60mph winds, driving rain and snow and ice on high ground.

Several years ago I had watched a film called 'The Eagle', which followed the journey of a young roman officer up to north shores of Scotland to retrieve the standard of his father's legion. The terrain in the film had left and impression on me and had sowed the seeds of curiosity.

After two days of waiting for the bad weather to pass, I reach the limit of my patience and took the decision to head north to Scotland. I had spent a great deal of time in my childhood on the west coast, but had never been further north than Kinlochewe. This was an opportunity I wasn't going to pass, especially as this was an opporunity to accumulate a series of photographs that I could paint on my return to the studio.

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland.

Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland.

Winter in the highlands can be stunning and made all the more enjoyable by the absence of the midges. Each bend in the road holds the promise of yet another incredible view, and the further north you go, the more remote and wilder the landscapes becomes.

One of the greatest impressions it left me with was how different the light became the further north you headed and I hope that I'm able to capture it in the work I produce on my return.

The whole trip took several weeks and gave me a valuable insight into the diversity of Scottish terrain. I plan to return next winter, and when I do, I'll be more prepared and know exactly where I want to go.


Click HERE to see a gallery of panoramic photos from the trip.

TRIP: Afternoon at Lulworth Cove.

The light last weekend down here in Dorset, was pretty spectacular.

Having spent the last few weeks on the road participating in exhibitions and shows, I feel very glad to be out of the city and back in the expansive arms of the countryside!

I've been wanting to paint some more seascapes for a while now (well, ever since painting 'Spring Tide'' really) so over the weekend I made several trips down to Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, sketching and photographing the epic closing of a day. Clear, still, winter air, with waves of warmth from the last of the sun.

The trips have yielded a handful of images that will hopefully make their way to becoming a painting.

Enjoy the photos. 

EXHIBITION: Windsor Contemporary Art Fair - Stand design.

This year I was keen to bring my stand up to a more professional standard and so invested in upgrading my show kit. Aside from a greeting card stand, print rack, tall boy and ipad stand, I had had in the back of my mind doing something that would set my space apart from my contemporaries.

I decided to create a black backdrop for my artwork, giving the colours a chance to 'pop' a little more that if it were on a white backing. The end result work well and was complemented by a number of visitors.

NEWS: Trying out a mobile studio.

While the Mitsubishi Pajero has been awesome off road, reliable and great fun to drive, I've been recognising lately that it doesn't have enough space in the back to accomodate all the kit and paintings that I take to exhibitions.

As a result I've bought myself a Mitsubishi Delica (which still has 4WD but has plenty of space to suit my changing needs, and a touring caravan that I will be using as a mobile home and studio. I'm very excited about this new project and will soon begin to lay out a map and ponder over where to head off to! Almost time to hit the road again!!

NEWS: Out with the Old and in with the New.

One of the reasons that I was happy to end my time in the bus, was that I needed to be able to get around the terrain quicker and also to get deeper into the countryside - which wasn't possible with a three and a half tonne vehicle.

Out in the field scouting for new locations...

It seemed logical to sell the bus and replace it with a four wheel drive and so I found myself a Mitsubishi Pajero and took off down the nearest green lanes. The Pajero took on everything in front of it without a problem and quickly gained my trust as a vehicle that would stand up to my demands.

Scouting for new locations to paint and getting to know a new location can be time consuming, so while I'm happy to trek around on foot, having four wheel drive allows me to quickly cover tough terrain, as well as providing me with a dry environment to store and transport my outdoor kit and art equipment.

Reading the terrain as you navigate across the landscape is challenging and a skill that's developed with experience. Stopping and weighing up your options while outside of the car (while perhaps not very Rock & Roll) seems to be good practice, at best preventing me from being temporarily delayed and at worst from, being incapacitated to the point of having to 'walk out' and seek third party assistance.

Each of my projects has yielded a number of different experiences. Being out on the land in a four wheel drive, chasing the light and extending my reach to new locations, has had to have been one of the most exhilarating.

EXHIBITION: The Reading Contemporary Art Fair.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to come along and visit my stand at the Reading Contemporary Art Fair last weekend - and especially to those of you who bought some of my artwork

It was great to share my most recent works and to run through their development, as well as to recall some of the adventures that I have recently been on.

As always, I had the opportunity to meet some lovely new, like-minded artists and I wish you all the best with your future work and hope to cross paths with you again.

My next exhibition will be in 7 weeks time at Sue Elton's Summer Exhibition, followed by The Big Art Show in Shrewsbury the weekend after. While I shall be exhibiting artwork recent paintings from Devon, I shall also be showing my new en plain air work from Dorset.

Stay tuned :)

NEWS: Picking up where I left off.

Having put up another exhibition immediately after Oxford,  I returned to the yurt to find it looking a bit bare. Space at last! A blank canvas. Time to start a new painting...

There has however, been this green thing growing behind the easel for the last eight months and over the last few days, it's been growing a little more. You might even recognise it from this photo of the corner section? It's a bit different now.... :)

Returning to an unfinished canvas is always a rewarding experience, as you come back to it with a few new tricks and techniques. Something that was old can now be given new life and new energy.

Looking forward to sharing this one...

EXHIBITION: The Oxford International Art Fair.

To celebrate the start of this weekend's exhibition at the Oxford International Art Fair, here are a few close ups from my latest painting Pathway to the Sun.

If you are around and about Oxford over the weekend, I encourage you to come along and have a look as after sunday (providing it doesn't sell?!) it'll be heading back down to Devon.

I began the painting on the 1st january and have been working on it pretty much non stop. It's been an incredible journey of learning and discovery and really enjoyable to be working on a large canvas again.

Working on a subject that has so much light bouncing around it has been both a challenge and a pleasure and has really made me pay more attention to using glazes more in the future.

I'm already excited about beginning my next painting and to integrate all the things I have learned on the Pathway to the Sun.


My stand at the Oxford International Art Fair - February, 2015.

NEWS: Final evening before heading back to the Shire tomorrow.

Last few hours of work before I have to down tools and call it a day.

My very chilled home and creative workspace. Last evening of working on Pathway to the Sun.

It's been a long month or working pretty much every day and evening. But the website is now built and the paintings are pretty much done. Tomorrow I head back to the Shire, before setting up the exhibition on friday.

It'll be good to throw on some tunes and hit the road again. Hang on... where's that playlist...?