HEALTH: How playing outside impacts your well-being.

Back in February, I developed a case of Sciatica which landed me in bed and out of commission for close to a month. The pain was excruciating and the cause was most likely having spent too much time sitting and working and not enough time getting outside and enjoying movement and fresh air.  As a result, I have become even more acutely aware of the impact of spending time indoors chained to either a computer or an easel.

At a time in life when most friends have families of their own, I have also really begun to notice how much time kids spend playing on electronic devices inside (such as the dreaded iPad), rather than running around outside playing Tag, making camps or just generally having fun in the garden. It's now a subject I frequently raise with parents when the opportunity presents itself.

I'm keen to take some time out after my forthcoming exhibition to assess and revise the work that I produce and how I can deliver a more potent message.

In this TED Talk, Craig Childs delivers a funny, informing and passionate lecture on how playing in nature impacts your well-being.