Oxford International Art Fair

EXHIBITION: The Oxford International Art Fair.

To celebrate the start of this weekend's exhibition at the Oxford International Art Fair, here are a few close ups from my latest painting Pathway to the Sun.

If you are around and about Oxford over the weekend, I encourage you to come along and have a look as after sunday (providing it doesn't sell?!) it'll be heading back down to Devon.

I began the painting on the 1st january and have been working on it pretty much non stop. It's been an incredible journey of learning and discovery and really enjoyable to be working on a large canvas again.

Working on a subject that has so much light bouncing around it has been both a challenge and a pleasure and has really made me pay more attention to using glazes more in the future.

I'm already excited about beginning my next painting and to integrate all the things I have learned on the Pathway to the Sun.


My stand at the Oxford International Art Fair - February, 2015.