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NEW SOUNDTRACK: #6 - 'Sick-Hop'

The Sixth Soundtrack: 'Sick-Hop' 

Modern day HipHop has been hijacked by mainstream degeneracy. Old skool HipHop adhered to a set of cultural and spiritual principles, where the focus was storytelling.

This mix is mainly a blend of old skool hip-hop but has a few more recent tracks on it that stay true to the original format.

Good for 1 hour and 49 minutes of compulsory head nodding and foot tapping while you work. 

NEW SOUNDTRACK: #1 - 'Autumnal Echoes'

This is a very relaxing album to sit down and be creative to and really does have an autumnal feeling throughout it.

Full of audible landscapes and audio spheres, plug in and swim though your creative imagination. This is the compilation I have used most frequently.

Good for losing yourself in creativity for 2 hours and 25 minutes.