Outdoor Kit

NEWS: Trying out a mobile studio.

While the Mitsubishi Pajero has been awesome off road, reliable and great fun to drive, I've been recognising lately that it doesn't have enough space in the back to accomodate all the kit and paintings that I take to exhibitions.

As a result I've bought myself a Mitsubishi Delica (which still has 4WD but has plenty of space to suit my changing needs, and a touring caravan that I will be using as a mobile home and studio. I'm very excited about this new project and will soon begin to lay out a map and ponder over where to head off to! Almost time to hit the road again!!

NEWS: Out with the Old and in with the New.

One of the reasons that I was happy to end my time in the bus, was that I needed to be able to get around the terrain quicker and also to get deeper into the countryside - which wasn't possible with a three and a half tonne vehicle.

Out in the field scouting for new locations...

It seemed logical to sell the bus and replace it with a four wheel drive and so I found myself a Mitsubishi Pajero and took off down the nearest green lanes. The Pajero took on everything in front of it without a problem and quickly gained my trust as a vehicle that would stand up to my demands.

Scouting for new locations to paint and getting to know a new location can be time consuming, so while I'm happy to trek around on foot, having four wheel drive allows me to quickly cover tough terrain, as well as providing me with a dry environment to store and transport my outdoor kit and art equipment.

Reading the terrain as you navigate across the landscape is challenging and a skill that's developed with experience. Stopping and weighing up your options while outside of the car (while perhaps not very Rock & Roll) seems to be good practice, at best preventing me from being temporarily delayed and at worst from, being incapacitated to the point of having to 'walk out' and seek third party assistance.

Each of my projects has yielded a number of different experiences. Being out on the land in a four wheel drive, chasing the light and extending my reach to new locations, has had to have been one of the most exhilarating.