PAINTING KIT: Home made medium holder

Another small project that I have undertaken recently has been to create a palette similar to that of the New Zealand artist John Crump.

One aspect to his palette that I initially found difficult to emulate, was a receptacle for my liquin medium. There just isn't anyone out there who makes or sells pots that are a decent size and that are bevelled at the top to prevent it for spilling out when you're using it.

By chance, I noticed the inside of a coffee jar lid while I was waiting for the kettle to boil. I thought, 'That might just do the trick!?'. I cut a hole into my palettes, popped it in and it works pretty well for something it was not designed to do!

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An upside down coffee pot lid now holds my liquin medium.

An upside down coffee pot lid now holds my liquin medium.

PAINTING KIT: Wooden palettes - Information & advice.

Artist palettes are great and essential bits of kit. I've tried out a few other variations of material and shape, but the wooden ones are clearly my favourite.

I enjoyed using the Bob Ross transparent acrylic palette, but found after a month or so of use, it would crack and die within weeks. This happened twice, so I haven't bothered using them again.

A glass palette is an option that I have yet to try, but it's on the list and once I've tried it it I'll review it and let you know my impressions.

I have had my current palette for over twenty years and had never given much thought to its balance or comfort until I ordered and tried the Expressionist Confidant Wood Palette. Unbelieveable! So comfortable, loads of space and made me realise how uncomfortable my old palette was. I can't recomend it enough.

I came across this video and thought I would share it with you as it has a few bits of good info on palettes and show off the Expressionist Confidant Wood Palette.

My old palette.

My old palette.

My new palette.

My new palette.

If you interested in buying one of these palettes, you can find them at Jackson's Art Supplies:

LINK: Great advice for En Plein Air painters.

I've been trolling around the internet over the last couple of months trying to find information and advice for painting outdoors.

I came across this video this morning on a YouTube channel called Thoughts on Painting by Bristol based artist Tom Hughes and it's definitely the most useful and informative clip that I have come across so far.

Tom, an artist based in Bristol, works as an en plein air artist who paints his way around the South West and London, making videos for his YouTube channel as he goes.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to embed the video into this post, so here's the link instead: