NEW PAINTING: 10" x 12" MDF board

Another one of the new things that I have been trying out recently, has been painting on MDF boards. Unlike painting on canvas there is no spring, which takes a little getting used to. I've also found that depending on what primer you use, you can establish how easily the paint can be applied to the surface.

Using an Alkyd primer (in several coats) provides a lovely smooth surface ideal for fine detail, especially when you give it a light sand once it's dry. Whereas using Gesso creates a texture more akin to sandpaper (although this can be sanded down too to give a smoother finish).

I have also tried creating a canvas board with these 12"x10"s. I cut a rectangle of canvas that was 2" larger than the board itself and then stuck it to the front of the board, using PVC glue (obviously this was wrapped round the back too and stuck down.

I left it to dry for 24 hours and then came back to it to give it several coats of primer. I have tried canvas boards before but didn't get with them because I found that as the oil dried it would warp the panel. Sadly, this was the same case for these boards. So from now on I just stick to working on the plain primed boards.