NEWS: New Paintings in production

Having returned from my trip last month (February 2017) to The Lake District and shores of Northern Scotland, I am now back in the studio and working on a number of new large paintings. I shall update these as I go, but here's a link to the current works.

This next batch of works picks up from my last, as I continue to refine my three different techniques relating to the background, midground and foreground. The aim is to create such a sense of depth within the landscapes, that they have a sense of pulling you in.

If you are already familiar with my work, you will know that I aim for my paintings to appear photorealistic at a distance and yet verging on abstract when you get closer. With this next set of works, I will be consciously trying to give thee paintings a more 3D quality, by using more texture in the foreground.

I recently ventured over to The Supreme Paint Company where I found and bought some Rublev impasto medium and impasto putty, which I am itching to get my hands on! The putty I am especially excited about trying, as it will enable me to sculpt the paint, rather than simply applying it.