KIT REVIEW: Black Diamond 'Moji'

The 'Moji' tent light from Black Diamond is a palm sized lantern that gives off a fantastic range of lighting for its size. Equally at home being an uplighter or downlighter, it performs it function in a warm and cheery manor.

Battery life is good, being powered by 3 triple AAAs and also has numerous brightness settings to aid in conserving battery life or changing the ambience.


If there's anything about this light that needs addressing in terms of design, it would be the On/Off button, which is located on the side in the the form of a small rubber click button. Personally, I think it should be more pronounced as when it's dark it's not immediately obvious as to its location. Having a glow in the dark button would be a nice touch too.

Regardless, this is a great little light that I recommend for anyone looking to buy a bright, robust and compact little light.

Retails between £16 - £20 in the UK.