PAINTING KIT: Alla Prima - Bitteroot Pochade box

Taking up en plein air painting has been a challenge, but not for the reason you might think. It's not the painting that has been most challenging, but rather the conversion of my equipment from studio to outdoor kit.

I began a while ago by buying a french easel (one of the most popular and recognisable en plein air easels on the market) but found it to be too clunky and ergonomically awkward. So I decided to design and build my own, but again, it still wasn't right.

Still without a suitable solution, I turned to the web again to see if there was another design out there that would be more suited to my needs. I stumbled across a blog forum discussing artist's favorite easels and found several references and a great deal of praise for the 'Alla Prima Pochade Box' made and designed by Ben Haggett from Canada.

I checked out his product video and recognised that here was a man who had spent a great deal of time contemplating and refining his own design.

I have ordered his 10" x 12" Bitteroot Pochade Box which takes between 4-8 weeks for Ben to design, build and deliver. Click HERE for a video introduction and review.

I will do another post with a review of the Bitteroot Pochade Box in several months time.

Alla Prima - Bitteroot Pochade box

Alla Prima - Bitteroot Pochade box