Projects: The Plein Air Project  (Starting: March 2017)

This year brings with it new challenges, paintings, design and ideas. In 2017, I continue to develop my studio based painting skills and techniques, while also starting to tackle the challenges of painting en plein air. The effect of working outdoors should affect my work in such a way that it becomes looser and more confident and lively. 

I will also be going back to basics to study traditional painting design in order to further my understanding of visual communication and in turn, strengthen my compositions and increase their visual appeal.



Projects: The Caravan Project / The Ravendell Project (Currently updating: coming soon)

The plan for 2016 was to live and work from a touring caravan, giving me the flexibility to move my home and studio around, while at the same time being able to take the four wheel drive or to remote locations to source images for new paintings.

While the first project (the bus) was incredible, after two years of traveling round in a 3 tonne vehicle (and it being my sole means of transport), it spurred me on to review my lifestyle. As a result, I found the yurt and bought a 4WD - giving me a permanent base and allowing me more freedom of movement. The problem I found was that it didn't take long before I found that the yurt tied me to a location and therefore limited my ability to 'roam' further afield.



Projects: The Yurt Project / The Hammock Project (Currently updating: coming soon)

I began the year with painting entitled 'Pathway to the Sun.'  This was a return to painting on a large canvas (100cm x 100cm) with the thought behind it of needing a large scale painting that would attract attention at the exhibitions I had planned later in the year.

In May, I left the yurt and moved to Dorset. My plan was to live outdoors, painting en plein air and moving from spot to spot with my 4WD.

Life however, took a different turn and I found myself adapting to a new set of circumstances. As a result, I spent the summer working in an incredible basement studio space, focusing on the development of my brushwork and heavy body medium techniques. I also used this time to undertake a number of private commissions and to plan my next creative adventure.



Projects: The Yurt Project (Currently updating: coming soon)

I sold the van and set about figuring out my next move. I was contemplating renting a house and a studio, but after having lived relatively off grid for the last two years, I wasn't too keen to dive straight back into a house. It wasn't long before the offer of the yurt arrived and next thing I knew I was living and working under canvas in Devon and so The Yurt Project began.

As my portfolio began to grow, a style was beginning to emerge. Composition, light and depth of field were still very much at the forefront of my mind, but 'line fluidity' and the desire to express the energetic quality of a landscape had begun to reveal itself. The desire to lure the viewer into the painting had become a goal and several online art tutorials helped to flesh out a better understanding as to how this could be achieved. Every new painting now challenged the previous one and continued to experiment subtly with new ideas, resulting in me learning a huge amount myself, my creative aspirations and my overall abilities.

Next up was the Windsor Contemporary Art Fair - my first large public exhibition. I had my own stand and an opportunity to show and speak to the public about my work. I sold six paintings and learnt some invaluable information over the course of the three days.

December brought with it having my work accepted into the Coombe Gallery in Dartmouth, setting in place yet another achievement marker and allowing my work to be 'out there' and working for me, without my direct interaction.



Projects: The Snowdonia Project  (Currently updating: coming soon)

The autumn of 2013 was when I made the switch from 2D animator to full-time artist. I gathered up and reacquainted myself with all my old art materials, before packing up the bus and heading to Snowdonia in North Wales, for three months to paint the arrival of autumn. When I returned, I was very kindly given the use of a studio space near the New Forest, where I worked on finalising my work in preparation for my first exhibition.

I had been invited by Sue Elton as one of a handful or artists to participate in her summer exhibition and was pleased to receive some positive feedback as well as selling 80% of my work. This was a great confidence booster, helped clear the studio of canvases and set me on my next journey.

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