The Work


My paintings reflect and resonate the beauty of a specific moment from a real location when both light and shadows fall in such a way that they compliment or strengthen the overall composition.

Creating depth is always an important factor to my work, as I enjoy the challenge of creating an illusion on a 2d surface. Studying the Bokeh Effect in photography, as well as experimenting with a wide range of different brush types has helped me to gradually improve this technique.

The Process

I begin with the background, reducing their saturation and softening them with a blender brush.

In the mid-ground, my colours become a little stronger and I tend to add a little Liquin medium to improve the flow of the paint and occasionally some impasto gel to retain some of the brush strokes. During this stage, I tend to use Princeton brushes (the Catalyst and Aspen series) as they load up well with paint and offer a superb degree of control.

The foreground is generally a playground of new ideas and techniques and an important and exciting factor in what I hope draws people back to my exhibitions. I frequently mix Rublev Putty into the oil, using hog hair bristle brushes to highlight the brush strokes and create a 3-dimensional quality to the work. I also work with palette knives, sponges, syringes and finger-tips to achieve the desired effect.


My goal is to make the final painting look like a photo from a distance while becoming more abstract the closer you get to the surface. I want to reward viewer with unusual detail techniques in the foreground.

I also want to convey the world, as I see it. A world of such astonishing design and complexity, that's lit and warmed by a star, and all driven into motion by some magnificent unseen force. I want my work to encourage people to see nature as a living system, where all things are interdependent on one another.

Finally, I like to raise awareness of the benefits of spending time outdoors. I could spend more time in nature, but life just get so busy. But when you do get out there,  get to know it, see the relationships and perceive the subtle order and cycles that govern it, you feel so very glad you made the effort.

" If in doubt, follow your nose... " - Gandalf, Lord of the Rings

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